Project 65+: the 14 women aged 65-76 who ride kites

The Women’s Kiteboarding Collective (WKC) launched a short film that celebrates the 14 female kitesurfers who range in age from 65 to 76.

“Life with a kite is damn near perfection.” The words are from Betsy, a 69-year-old kiteboarder from Baja California Sur. She is one of the many senior riders flying kites around the world.

Contrary to the usual stereotypes of older women, these girls are skilled, experienced and accomplished kiters.

Italian rider dies in tragic kite accident in Porto Seguro

A 37-year-old Italian died while kitesurfing off the coast of Porto Seguro, Brazil.

According to police, he was lifted by the wind to a height of about 100 feet (30 meters) and then fell into the water near Praia do Muta, north of Porto Seguro.

Originally from Thiene, in Italy, Christian Pesavento was living in Porto Seguro for seven years, and he knew the local kite spots very well.

The challenges of kiteboarding as an Olympic sport

Windsurfing is an Olympic sport since 1984. Surfing is about to join the movement in Tokyo 2020. Get ready to greet kiteboarding in the most important sports event on the planet.

Now that kiteboarding was introduced in the Olympic program for Paris 2024, it’s time to correct, improve and fine-tune some of the issues that the sport has been confronted with in the past couple of decades.

Is it a sailing sport? What are the “official” disciplines within the sport? Shall it be ruled under World Sailing or any other governing body?

🇺🇸 Cape Hatteras Island, USA. Kite Season: Apr – Nov Ave Wind…

🇺🇸 Cape Hatteras Island, USA.
Kite Season: Apr – Nov
Ave Wind Speed: 20 – 26 kts
Ave High Temp: 19°C – 29°C
Ave Water Temp: 17°C – 27°C
Wind Direction: SW, N, NE, NW
#kitehatteras #kiteusa #kitelife
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Picture by: 📷 @bigcat_56

“813 takes on the OBX 😎☀️💦
#CapeHatteras “
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Danny Barnette goes puddle jumping in the Outer Banks

Danny Barnette has just enjoyed a pure freeride experience in the Outer Banks.

The kiteboarder from Raleigh, North Carolina, completed a 20-mile downwind run that led him through some of the best slicks on the East Coast.

One thing’s for sure: his jumping skills are now better than ever, and that’s probably why he named his video edit “Puddle Jumping.” By the end of the clip, you may feel a bit dizzy, but it will be worth.